Golden Hour Photography

Golden hour is the time when the sun is about to set or rise. In these short times of the day, you get the most amazing images with soft light in golden tones.

Good light is perhaps the most important thing to get a good picture. The golden hour is the perfect time to take these great photos.

Despite the name, the golden hour is usually only about 20 minutes. The best way to capture the magic light is to calculate exactly when the sun is rising or setting. Need help? Use the Sunrise & Sunset Calculator. Every sunset and sunrise is unique. Time goes fast and the light can change from strong to weak in just a few seconds. Make sure you take the perfect picture by taking as many pictures as possible.

The hour varies depending on where you are and what season it is. During this time, colors tend to bend to extremes and give more pronounced effects on images. In the evening before sunset, the spectrum changes to warmer colors.

Golden Hour Apps for iPhone

Magic hour
Magic Hour makes it easy for you to know when magic hour is coming and how much time you have left once it begins. 

The Photographer’s Ephemeris
Ephemeris offers a rich set of planning tools for landscape, cityscape, outdoor, architectural and night photography.

GoldenHour.One helps you to find the best time, place and weather for your outdoor pictures. GoldenHour.one knows in advance your chance for a good photo. It can predict the light, sky and moon indexes from local weather forecast anywhere in the world.