Wedding photography

Wedding photography is something absolutely amazing. Remember to take wedding photos from all the different parts of the wedding day; the preparations, the portraits, the wedding, the dinner and finally the party. All parts have their charm with images that carry with them different types of memories and emotions.

To become a good wedding photographer, practice is required. One way may be to accompany an experienced wedding photographer, to see how that photographer works. Asking an established photographer if you can keep up can thus be a good way for you to get started with wedding photography. During a wedding photo shoot, it is important to use a lens with fast and efficient autofocus as many things happen during the day quickly and without warning.

Wedding photography tips

Many brides and grooms are unaccustomed to being in front of the camera and may even be a little uncomfortable. Therefore, it is important that you as a photographer make them feel relaxed. This is usually resolved if you make sure to get to know the bride and groom first, by meeting them well before the big day.

Of course, how good an environment is also depends on the light. Therefore, recreate environments at approximately the same time of day, as when the photography will then take place. If it pours down, no bride and groom want to stand outside and have their clothes and hairstyles ruined. Then make sure to have a good photo spot that protects from the rain, maybe in an arch or in a nice indoor environment.

Being busy for a whole day as a wedding photographer is energy consuming. Therefore, make sure to unpack energy cookies or similar to have the energy all the way. Your attire as a photographer should be fairly comfortable to work in, but at the same time stylish and clean to match the festive day.

An exciting thing about wedding photographs and wedding photography is that the pictures become more valuable as time goes on. Take a look in the gallery >

Family and children's portrait

Family and children’s portrait

Family and children’s portrait are important. Did you know the simple act of having your families’ photographs hung in your house increases your children’s self-esteem? Studies show that having your family portraits displayed in your home sends the message that your family is important.

Children who grow up in homes where portraits are displayed have higher self-esteem.They see that mom and dad make them a priority and proudly display their portrait for friends and family to enjoy.

Our children grow up too fast! In the blink of an eye they are packing their bags and moving out of home and then they’re starting their own family. 

3 reasons family and children’s portrait is important

Here are three solid reasons family portrait photography should be an important part of your life.

1. Document Growth

They grow up too fast! One of the most common reason why people come to have a professional photoshoot its to celebrate the milestones of a person’s life

2. Memories

 Pictures in general bring us back in time.  Family pictures have that same power. They bring us back in time. They’re a great way to reminisce. 

3. Life Happens

You never know when that last chance for a family photo will come. You will never have this moment in time again. This is why you need a family portrait session. Don’t let life pass and look back, wondering why you didn’t take the time to have family pictures taken.

Take a look at our family and children’s portrait gallery.